Hand Knotted Carpets

Hand Knotted Carpets Ahlan Exports

Hand Knotted Area Rugs, Antique Rugs

This is the technique of where the fibres are knotted individually on the warps. This method is highly rigorous and labour intensive. It can take weeks to months to prepare one fine carpet. The quality can be judged by calculating the knots per square inch. These products are highly valuable and prepared in some parts of India, Iran and Turkey. Preparation time for Hand Knotted Carpets are huge. It depends upon the size, knots per square inch and designs. It takes around 1 month to 6 months to finish one product per person.

Sub Chapter: 5701

Product Description: Carpets and other textile floor coverings, of textile materials, knotted, whether or not made up

Material used: Natural Wool, Natural Silk, Plant Textile Material.

Colour and Dyes: Made of non-harmful substances,

Other features: Non inflammatory, Pets Friendly, Washable-Easy to clean.

Shapes and Sizes Available: Large Size(8×10, 9×12), Medium Size(5×8, 6×9), Small Size(2×3, 4×6), Runners(2×6, 2×12), round and square shapes.

For more information watch this video from Carpet Export Promotion Council of India

Designs and Samples

Kashmiri Hand Knotted Carpets are highly valuable and take huge amount of time for preparation. We accept order for Kashmiri Hand Knotted carpets and rugs only upon the advance payment and minimum 30 days or more time for finishing depending upon the design.