Hand Tufted Rugs and Carpets

A hand-tufted rug is made by punching strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched on a frame with the help of a hand-operated tool. Some of the most extensive and popular hand tufted designs these days are capitola hand tufted woolen rugs, cabrina hand tufted woolen rugs, and karson hand tufted woolen rugs. These rugs are often quite costly, but are known for their durability and beautiful designs. They are often used in living rooms and hallways, and can be found in a variety of colors and patterns. They are often more expensive than machine-made rugs, but since they are often softer and more comfortable, many people prefer them.

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Hand Tufted Carpets Ahlan Exports

Tufted Carpets and Tufted Shaggy Rugs

In this technique, the carpets have their pile injected a backing material with the help of tufting gun, which is itself bonded to a secondary backing cloth with the use of latex solution to provide stability. These carpet are usually affordable and priced according to the complexity of design, fibre used and size made. It is prepared in India and China mostly. Preparation time is usually less than knotted and woven carpets. It takes around 2 days to 7 days to finish one product person.

Sub Chapter: 5703

Product Description: Carpets and other textile floor coverings, tufted “needle punched”, whether or not made up.

Material used: Natural Wool, Plant Textile Material, Man-Made Textile Material.

Colour and Dyes: Made of non-harmful substances,

Other features: Non inflammatory, Pets Friendly, Washable-Easy to clean.

Shapes and Sizes Available: Large Size(8×10, 9×12), Medium Size(5×8, 6×9), Small Size(2×3, 4×6), Runners(2×6, 2×12), round and square shapes.

For more information watch this video from Carpet Export Promotion Council of India

Design: Modern, Quality: Shaggy, Pile Height: 35mm, Weight:4500 GSM, Material: Polyester
Design: Modern, Quality: Handmade, Pile Height: 12-15mm, Weight:4200 GSM, Material: Wool and Nylon
Design: Intricate, Quality: Handmade, Pile Height: 12-15mm, Weight: 4500 GSM, Material: Wool and Viscose
Design: Traditional, Quality: Handmade, Pile Height: 12-15mm, Weight:4500 GSM, Material: Wool and Viscose