Hand Woven Flatweave Rugs

A flatweave area rug has a special place in the heart of anyone who owns one. Not only are flatweaves soft and gentle underfoot, they have a beautiful, organic look that is never out of place in any décor. Flatweave Indoor Area Rug is an ideal addition to high-traffic areas like entryways, kitchens, and kids’ bedrooms. Featuring neutral hues, this geometric rug complements many homes. Dhurrie and flatweave rugs are a hot designer choice for nearly any room. Dhurrie rugs are traditional, flat-woven rugs with a unique geometric design that adds an eye-catching composition to any room. The rugged and durable flat-weave of dhurrie rugs makes them a natural choice in casual settings.

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Flatweave Carpet Ahlan Exports

Dhurries & Kilims, Geometric Flat Weaves

Hand Weaving Technique is the method of making carpets where fibres are flatwoven in pattern. The quality is judged by the tightness of weaves and the fineness of fibre used for weaving. Weaving technique is the most ancient method of preparing a carpet. This method is widely practiced in India and Central Asia. Preparation time for hand woven carpets and rugs usually varies on the size. It takes around 3 days to 30 days to finish one product per person

Sub Chapter: 5702

Product Description: Carpets and other textile floor coverings, woven, not tufted or flocked, whether or not made up, incl. Kelem, Schumacks, Karamanie and similar hand-woven rugs.

Material used: More than 85% Natural Wool and remaining cotton threads for binding and weaving.

Colour and Dyes: Made of non-harmful substances,

Other features: Non inflammatory, Pets Friendly, Washable-Easy to clean.

Shapes and Sizes Available: Large Size(8×10, 9×12), Medium Size(5×8, 6×9), Small Size(2×3, 4×6), Runners(2×6, 2×12), round and square shapes.

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