About Us

Ahlan Exports was founded as a sole proprietorship company in 2021 at Dehradun, small town of Uttarakhand, northern region of India. It was founded as an entrepreneurial start up by Wasim Ansari. He had studied from University of Pune and is major in Law. It was in his days of college he had developed his philanthropic attitude. To cater his hunger for enlightenment and knowledge he has traveled to various destinations learning the diversity in art, language and culture across different places of India. Since then he is motivated and worked promoting art and craft of India. He is a Art and Craft Magnet and has a keen eye on hunting, collecting and trading the most exquisite handicraft masterpieces.

Ahlan Exports is now run by a bunch of friends as a big family contributing to the mission

Wasim Ansari Founder of Ahlan Exports

Vision and Mission

Handicraft Ahlan Exports

Our vision is to bridge the gap in procurement and distribution of Indian Handicraft and Handmade Products as per the uprising trend of demand across the globe. Sourcing authentic products from authentic artists and satisfying the demand of the truest and most exotic product is the prime motive. Thereby doing such trade benefit the real artists and feed them with motivation to preserve, continue to produce their precious art. At Ahlan Exports we are pledged to nurture as a platform to serve such kind demand from our esteemed clients and furnish it with the love of this beautiful country, India. From the core of our heart we undoubtedly promote entrepreneurs, learners and artists with respect and our whole ecosystem of business is concentric to them.

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