Who we are?

Licensed EXIMer

Trusted Supplier

Guardian Adviser

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Licensed Exporter and Importer


Inception of a relationship start with the truthfulness and transparency as the core substance for the everlasting trust and reliability. At Ahlan Exports we take the seriousness and unquestionably achieve all important licenses and standards required by regulations to keep it that way. We also participate voluntarily in Promotional Council Standings thereby giving insight and public data for government records and statistics. We are always receptive of adoption to latest rules and directives.

Trusted Supplier

For Us the key to success in the business is quality and commitment. As a competitive supplier we always strive to balance the demand with quality and trust-able products and services by our company. Moreover we purposefully source our supplies directly from small farmers or artisans to benefit them maximum from the trade. We also educate, monitor, guide and support the whole process from designing to production for the best quality output for our clients. Our process and quality management system are in compliance with international standards back by Indian Export Inspection Agency and other government bodies.

Guardian Adviser

Our motivation to keep hitting the highest target and to enhance objectively also persuade us to reach out to our buyers, promoters and help them in penetration and expansion of the market if needed at any instance. We praise and support our clients with anything and everything for their brand and business prosperity.

How can we help you?


We specialize in walking the line between being a cheerleader and a harsh realist. We push you to new heights that are sometimes uncomfortable but are necessary to grow and scale your business. We stick with you through thick and thin and make sure all objectives are growth driven so you start seeing results quickly.

Team Building

As a team builder we drive you towards accomplishing a goal, whether it be completing a particular transaction, starting a new business unit or meeting sales efforts. We will help you in confronting and addressing issues like product or market selection, brand awareness, meeting national standards and unresolved matters to build a better team for your organization. We will stand firmly between you and your problems and try to reflect it from hampering your business agenda.